Visme: Alat Daya kanggo Nggawe Konten Visual sing Apik tenan

Desainer Konten Visual Visme

We’ve all heard that an image is worth a thousand words. This could not be truer today as we witness one of the most exciting communication revolutions of all time–one in which images continue to replace words. The average person remembers only XNUMX% of what they read but XNUMX% of what they see. XNUMX% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual. That’s why visual content has become the single most important way to communicate, especially in today’s business world.

Just think for a second about how our communication habits have changed in the last decade:

  • We no longer say that we’re surprised by something; we simply send an emoji or a GIF of our favorite actor. Example: Natalie Portman’s laugh beats the usual “lol.”

Natalie Portman Ngguyu

  • We no longer write that we’re on the trip of a lifetime with great company; we take a selfie:

Liburan Selfie

  • We no longer see simple, text-based status updates on our Facebook and Twitter feeds; we see videos – even siaran langsung - dijupuk nganggo piranti seluler:


In the midst of this cultural shift we’re living through–in which visual content has become the new king of the online world–wouldn’t it be great to have a visual content multitool that could do all the hard work of creating engaging visual content for us?

So what should you do? Hire an expensive graphic designer or spend hours trying to learn how to use complicated design software? This is where Visme comes into the picture.


An all-in-one visual content creation tool, Visme is perfect for marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and nonprofits looking to create all types of visuals for their marketing campaigns and educational material.

Let’s take a look at what it does and how it can help your business:

Presentations and infographics made easy

Singkat, Visme minangka alat sing gampang digunakake, seret lan selehake sing bisa mbantu sampeyan nggawe presentasi lan infografis sing apik banget sajrone sawetara menit.

Yen sampeyan bosen nggunakake presentasi PowerPoint sing padha, Visme nawakake template definisi tinggi sing apik lan masing-masing duwe koleksi tata letak slide dhewe.

Or, if you want to create a compelling data visualization, a product comparison or your own infographic report or resume, there are dozens of professionally designed templates to choose from to get started on the right foot.

Packed with thousands of free icons and graph tools, as well as millions of free images and hundreds of fonts, Visme gives you everything you need to start creating your own captivating visual project–something you’ll be proud to share with your social networks and site visitors.

Ngatur apa wae

Salah sawijining kaendahan nggarap Visme yaiku kekuwatan sing diwenehake para pangguna kanggo nggawe gambar digital apa wae sing dipikirake ing area desain khusus.

Using the custom dimensions option, users can create anything, from those shareworthy memes seen on social media to flyers, banners and posters or any other promotional material.

Visme - Instagram

Tambah animasi lan interaktivitas

Another feature that sets Visme apart from the rest is its ability to add animation or make any element interactive, as seen below in one of our client projects. Whether you want to include a video, form, survey or quiz in your visual content, Visme allows you to embed virtually any element created with a third-party tool.

Additionally, you can create your own call-to-action buttons, as seen below, to take visitors to a landing page or a lead generation form.

Visme - Tombol CTA

Nerbitaké lan nuduhake

Visme - Nerbitake

Finally, since Visme is cloud-based, you can publish your project in a variety of formats and share it anywhere. You can download your project as an image or a PDF file; or if you prefer, you can embed it into your own website or blog; publish it online so you can access it from anywhere; or download as HTMLXNUMX to present offline (in cases where you have a sluggish connection or no Wi-Fi at all).

Privasi lan Analytics

Visme - Publikasi Pribadi

There’s also the option of keeping your projects private by activating the Restricted Access option or password protecting them.

Another big advantage: You have access to combined statistics of views and visits to your infographic in one place. This will give you a much more accurate view of engagement levels, especially when visitors decide to embed your infographic on their own sites.

Bisa dadi tim

With over XNUMX users, many of them large companies such as Capital One and Disney, Visme recently launched its team plans to help users collaborate on projects more effectively, both within and outside of their organizations.

The best part of all is that Visme is free for anyone who wants to start creating visual content with basic design tools. For those who want to unlock premium templates and access advanced features, such as collaboration tools and Analytics, paid plans start at $XNUMX per month.

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