Apa Iklan Video Sampeyan Katon?

viewability video

A little more than half of all advertisements on video pages are seen across the web, a difficult situation for marketers hoping to take advantage of the growing video viewership across devices. It's not all bad news… even a video ad that was partially listened to still had an impact. Google analyzed their DoubleClick, Google and Youtube advertising platforms to try to identify the factors that help determine the viewability of those video ads.

Apa sing dianggep bisa dideleng?

A video ad is viewable when at least 50% of the ad's pixels are visible on a screen for at least two consecutive seconds, as defined by the Media Rating Council (MRC), in conjunction with the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Factors that impacted viewability include consumer behavior, device, page layouts, player size, and position of the ad on the page. View Google's laporan riset lengkap sing inspirasi infographic iki. Iki kalebu sebab paneliten, metodologi, visibilitas miturut negara, lan rincian liyane babagan temuan.

Faktor Tampilan Iklan Video

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