Apa Situs Sampeyan Gerah saka Elaborasi Prématur?

pil biru

Elaborasi durung wayahe is a fantastic term that's frequently used by a friend of mine, Doug Theis. Doug uses it when he discusses a how some salespeople have the completion of a sale in their grasp and then lose it because they continue talking sawise the prospect was ready to sign. They just couldn't shut up!

It's not just sales, it happens in marketing, too.

pil biruThe easiest target to poke fun at is pharmaceutical commercial advertisements. When the commercial displays a beefy silver-haired stallion hitting on his beautifully maturing wife overlooking a mountainscape and holding hands in adjoined bathtubs… I'm thinking…

Hey… this is the magic pill for me. I'm going to ask my Doctor about it!

Nanging banjur print lan swara cepet bisa kedadeyan…

Bisa nyebabake ruam; sarang; gatel; kangelan ambegan; kenceng ing dhadha; abuh saka cangkem, pasuryan, lambe, utawa ilat); kebingungan; nyuda urin; pingsan; halusinasi; ilang koordinasi; masalah memori; ganti menstruasi; otot kedutan; masalah mental utawa swasana ati sing anyar utawa saya parah (kayata depresi, gampang pegel, kuatir); overstimulasi; kulit abang, abuh, utawa peeling; kejang; pusing parah; masalah turu parah utawa terus-terusan; pikiran utawa tumindak suicidal; alangan ngomong (kayata, gagap, gagap); mripat utawa kulit sing kuning, utawa bisa uga tiwas.

Iki panjelasan prematur. Dheweke entuk aku ing bagean sing ora apik ... nanging banjur ngomong babagan kejang, kulit lan pati sing lara. Dheweke ilang aku karo panjelasan prematur. Dheweke mesthine kudu menehi saran sing ati-ati supaya dokter nerangake.

Doug Theis minangka VP saka Pusat Data Lifeline. Lifeline has been a long-time customer of mine… in fact, they were my second customer when I started the business. When we first started, the company's focus was on outbound sales so they hired telemarketing help and dialed for dollars day after day. In the meantime, working with a small budget, Doug continued to strengthen their incredible email nurturing program and the fantastic content they were pushing on their site. We worked on promoting them, optimizing their content, and providing them with additional ideas.

At implementation, we converted them from an expensive content management system and reduced the content on the site to a fraction of the pages, showing them that they had no visitors to over 90% of pages. We integrated some additional monitoring tools to help Doug mine the data better. The new site does okay, but we're about to go into a redesign again that reduces it even more. The telemarketing effort is out and the money is now reinvested in online marketing, where the majority of valuable (cold) leads found their way to Doug.

Included in the new strategy will be more whitespace, cleaner layouts, and more media. Lifeline Data Centers is now the largest Data Center in the MidWest, and they're currently integrating low-cost, high-tech commercial real estate to the mix. They've already signed regional and federal government agencies in the office space. And all of this has been accomplished converting an abandoned mall on land that was once a blight to the community (they're slowly renovating the monstrous site, too). If we wrote a thousand pages, we couldn't possibly elaborate enough on each of their Data Center locations, the services and the products that Lifeline provides its customers.

You folks know I'm a huge advocate of companies sharing online, relaying customer stories, blogging aggressively, promoting through social media and getting those leads inbound. If the foundation of all of those efforts happens to be a bloated website, with terrible navigation and too much information – you're not attracting leads… you're pushing them away with panjelasan prematur.

Your site should should be a tasty, delicious appetizer for your visitor… not the entire meal. Doug Theis is an amazing salesperson. I don't want the site to sell the person – I want Doug Theis to sell the person. Why? Because he's amazing at it and can effectively listen to the client's needs and respond accordingly. A web site can't listen. A web site can't sell like Doug can. That's what inbound marketing is all about… getting great leads into Doug's hands where he can close the ones that make sense!

We're developing an online presence for Lifeline Data Centers that doesn't suffer from panjelasan prematur.

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    Aku nganggep manawa karo perusahaan farmasi elaborasi prematur dileksanakake liwat ukum? Kandhani manawa aku salah,! Isih conto sing apik - lan kerja apik ing situs Pusat Data Lifeline!

    • 2

      Hai Optilead, sejatine aku nindakake riset lan industri Farmasi sing miwiti menehi tag produk kanthi pangadilan sing bakal ditindakake. Apike, ing taun 2009, ana kasus (Wyeth vs. Levine) sing dipimpin dening Pengadilan Tinggi. Sejatine dheweke ujar - ngelingake utawa ora, perusahaan obat kasebut isih tanggung jawab. Kanthi tembung liya - kita ngrungokake kabeh omong kosong iki tanpa sebab apa-apa. FDA nyetujoni label, nanging aku ora yakin yen FDA njaluk.

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    Aku ngira manawa elaborasi prematur sing kedadeyan karo iklan perusahaan farmasi wis dileksanakake, nanging dakkandhakake manawa aku salah. Isih, conto sing apik kanggo nggambarake titik kasebut - lan kerja apik ing situs Pusat Data Lifeline!

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    Doug, sampeyan duwe kula ing judhul artikel sampeyan. Kait sing apik. Yen adol ilang kaya sing sampeyan jelasake, mula jelas yen salesman ora bisa maca basa awak. Muni kaya republik kasebut duwe masalah kekurangan lan rumangsa dheweke kudu terus ngomong minangka cara kanggo ngesanake prospek kanthi "ilmu." Kinda seneng nyoba njupuk bocah wadon ing bar.

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