Aja nganti Cigna adoh karo Rajapati

Ngaso tentrem, Nataline.

Yen sampeyan ora nate entuk bathi, ora ngatasi asuransi, utawa krungu wong sing duwe - sampeyan wong sing bejo! Industri asuransi minangka salah sawijining sing paling nguntungake ing Amerika Serikat. Matematika cukup sederhana, luwih akeh wong sing mati - bathi luwih apik.

Apa kita bisa ngganti iki nganggo Internet lan blogosfer? Apa kita bisa nyerbu mesin telusuran kanthi pesen saka Cigna Ngisep lan nggawe prabédan? Dheweke ngaku duwe bisnis peduli. Apa kuwi bener? Apa preduli apa regane luwih akeh regane tinimbang ora preduli? Aku percaya manawa Dokter peduli, nanging perusahaan Asuransi duwe insentif sing beda.

Ing surat 11 Desember, papat dokter njaluk asuransi maneh kanggo asuransi maneh. Dheweke ujar manawa pasien ing kahanan sing padha sing ngalami transplantasi duwe tingkat kaslametan nem wulan udakara 65 persen.

Cigna ujar manawa eksperimen lan ora katut kabijakane.

Nataline Sarkisyan saiki wis seda sawise telung taun nglawan leukemia lan nolak transplantasi sing dibutuhake saka perusahaan Asuransi, Cigna.

Iki ora liya minangka rajapati tingkat siji ing mripatku. Pengusaha sing kelangan pegawe amarga kahanan kerja sing ora aman bisa didakwa amarga rajapati utawa mati amarga salah, kenapa Perusahaan Asuransi ora bisa? Cigna ora nglirwakake kahanan kasebut, dheweke nganalisis lan nggawe pilihan sadar yen pasien kasebut mati.

Crita kasebut nesu lan medeni banget. Yen sampeyan duwe saham ing Cigna utawa malah Reksa Dana sing campuran karo Cigna, aku ngajak sampeyan ora ndhukung perusahaan kaya ngono. Wis waktune perusahaan asuransi mandheg nutupi kanthonge kanthi getih wong sing mbayar.

Liyane babagan perjuangan Nataline:

  1. Nataline tilar donya, isin karo Cigna
  2. Cigna mateni Nataline
  3. RIP, Nataline
  4. Nataline wis seda

Tim Manajemen Eksekutif CIGNA - kepiye sampeyan turu ing wayah wengi ?!

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      Halo JHS,

      Sing paling medeni yaiku aku - perusahaan asuransi ing negara iki duwe wewenang kanggo nolak pratelan yen dhokter meksa bakal dawa utawa ngreksa nyawa.

      A business making a life or death decision should be illegal. Plain and simple.


      • 3


        Ya, medeni banget, nanging wis suwe kedadeyan kasebut. Kejadian kasebut rada ironis: Sawetara wong kudu mati amarga organ donor durung kasedhiya. Ing kene kita jebule duwe kasus sing ana, lan dheweke ora bisa nemokake.

        Utawa luwih cenderung, dheweke bisa duwe, nanging sedulur liya bisa uga adol potlot ing dalan sawise sumber daya dhewe entek. Makane dheweke ngira duwe asuransi. Ana sing jelas salah karo gambar iki…

        • 4

          Hai Bob!

          Seneng ketemu sampeyan ing kene lan muga-muga sampeyan bisa sukses.

          Ya wis.

          Muga-muga kita bisa ngetrapake tekanan sing dibutuhake supaya legislatif kita supaya ora ngurus pasien ing endi - karo dokter lan dudu perusahaan asuransi.


  2. 5

    The problem is that health insurance companies’ bottom line depends on NOT paying benefits. This is what I encountered when trying to get approval for my son’s medication. He had approval for Zyrtec-D, which was a non-formulary medication in 2004 when the battle started. I didn’t. We were both prescribed the same medication for ADHD. Mine was approved; his wasn’t. It didn’t get approved until this year, when Zyrtec-D was approved for OTC sales? Coincidence? You decide.

    Our story is minor compared to this, but the principle still holds. They had covered the bone marrow transplant and aftercare so in their minds, they had discharged their obligation to approve any additional expensive treatments for this girl. I doubt the request initially reached someone knowledgable (see my notes about the gastroenterologist approving psychiatric medications, for example), so it was relatively simple to just say no. Even after the four doctors appealed, they denied.

    Michael Moore has this much right: Putting medical decisions in the hands of anyone other than a patient’s doctor is just wrong. And for the so-called ‘doctors’ at Cigna I just have to ask how they reconcile their Hippocratic oath with the denials they sign.

    • 6

      miturut Forbes, H Edward Hanway’s total compensation is $28.82 million and his 5-year is $78.31 million. Hanway has been CEO of Cigna (CI) for 6 years and has been with the company for 28 years.

      Mangkene carane dheweke cocog.

  3. 7

    Unfortunately most of us americans go through life fat , dumb and happy . We read about tragedies like this and think it won’t happen to me or my family . We try to downplay its significance with thoughts like ” she fell through the cracks ” or ” she would have died anyway ” . Our press is failing to properly investigate and report on negative and criminal activity by insurance companies because many of the insurers are also paying sponsors . We have reporters such as John Stossel villefying Michael Moores film Sicko just a few short months before Natalines Death .

    Tangi Amerika

    Nganti kita kabeh dadi cukup nesu lan bener-bener nelpon, nulis surat lan mbabarake rasa nesu, praktik kasebut bakal terus. Kandhane nganggo pena, cangkem lan buku saku.
    Hubungi anggota kongres sampeyan. Kirimake wartawan warta sing ora bener. Hubungi lan ngancam perusahaan boikot sing ngiklanake acara berita kasebut.

  4. 8

    Kabeh perkara iki nuwuhake luwih akeh pitakon banjur wangsulan kanggo aku.

    From what I read, if she got the transplant she MAY have lived six more months. She certainly wouldn’t have lived much longer than that. She had a terminal illness.

    I feel for the family. But its not as cut and dry as some media reports want to make it. If it was a matter of her getting this treatment and living for 20 more years… its a no brainer. But getting this transplant, would have required her to get some anti-rejection medicine… which would have taken her already weak immune system and make it even worse… which would have made the cancer spread even faster. AND the cancer was terminal in the first place.

    And I’m going through my own battle with health insurance companies right now myself. So I know they can be down right unreasonable. And my claim is only a couple hundred dollars… nowhere near the six figures this claim was revolving around.

    • 9

      Hai ck,

      I’m sure there are a lot of pieces that are missing, but the bottom line for me was that some doctors and nurses requested the treatment and they were vetoed by the Insurance company. We have to make sure that that NEVER happens.

      Good luck with your battle! I’m one of the many ‘uninsured’ in this country – I’m overweight and can’t get it on my own. (My kids are covered on their own policy).


  5. 10

    Aku percaya dhokter babagan aku uga percaya karo perusahaan asuransi.

    Apa sampeyan ora bakal njaluk katrampilan kanggo nindakake prekara sing bisa nyelehake kanthong karo dhuwit akeh prau?

    This is why you can appeal to a third party arbitrator for decisions that are denied. So a person who:
    A. Ora dipengaruhi emosi kulawarga.
    B. Ora dipengaruhi garis ngisor (golek asuransi lan dokter)

    Bisa njupuk keputusan pungkasan.

    Ora kebeneran manawa akeh dokter sing duwe jutawan duwe hak dhewe.

    Dadi ora topik, apa sampeyan bakal ujar manawa sampeyan ndhukung perawatan kesehatan universal?

    • 11

      I had the pleasure of knowing quite a few doctors and it was sad seeing how insurance companies affected them. One of my friends was pushed to ‘spend less time’ with each patient to improve his ‘productivity’. I also saw him spending 1/3 of his salary on malpractice insurance (another profitable industry).

      He also HAD to join a Doctor’s group rather than having his own practice because there was no way he could keep up with the insurance paperwork. This was a heart-breaker because he was a fantastic Doctor and didn’t deserve to be tunneled into production line healthcare.

      I think you’ll find that the vast majority of Doctors are not millionaires and even more are leaving patient care because of all the crap they have to deal with. It’s a mess.

      Re: Layanan Kesehatan Universal

      I lived in Canada for 6 years and I actually do support universal health care (much to the horror of my conservative upbringing). The reason is simple – I believe medicine is a social issue, not a business… even though in the U.S. we have made it a BOOMING business.

      Canada has its challenges, I will admit. The horror stories we hear down here are few and further between, though.

      I believe there’s a great business advantage to universal health care as well – people aren’t afraid to start their own business when they don’t have to worry about healthcare for their families. People are no longer afraid to quit bad jobs, either, leading to improved working conditions.

      I genuinely think it’s a step up. After all, if you can pay an Insurance CEO $28 million a year, there’s opportunity for some streamlining, right?

  6. 12

    Nope. If you see giving 33% MORE of your income to the government for insurance… go right ahead. But as it stands right now… I pay about $250/month for full (very good) medical insurance. Though my employer pays a lot more. But that is part of employing developers.

    • 13

      The irony is that we already do pay that, though, ck. When an uninsured person gets treated, you pay for it through taxes and increased medical rates, etc. We’re already paying for universal health care… but it’s only for treatment – not preventative medicine.

  7. 14

    ck -

    With regard to your comment that Nataline would have had six months WITH the transplant — incorrect. Without the transplant, they’d given her six months on the outside. The bone marrow transplant had succeeded in eradicating the leukemia but the cost was liver damage that was irreparable. If she had received the transplant, she had the prospect of a full life. Without it, she was doomed.

    The system is completely broken when doctors no longer have the ability to be doctors. If you don’t trust them, it’s probably because they have had to practice defensive medicine where they satisfy the insurer, the patient and walk a line down insurance liability risks, too.

    Fixing the system will mean limiting malpractice damage awards and grounds for liability lawsuits, limiting insurers’ profits and putting the practice of medicine back in the hands of the folks who paid over $100K for their education as a doctor. You should really read Dr. Kirschenbaum’s series on Doctors, Money and Medicine for a different perspective. Miwiti kene.

  8. 15

    Kabeh sing dakwaca katon nuduhake target transplantasi ati yaiku 65% kasempatan urip suwene nem wulan.

    Now as my initial post said, if this would have made life for another 20 years possible… all for it. But if its six months… I won’t jump up and down for either decision. And would think the third party arbitrator is a valid solution.

    Lan sanajan masalah kasebut, aku ora ngatasi perawatan kesehatan universal, sing mung nambah beban kanggo pamrentah lan dheweke nyedhot.

    The fix is, as you alluded to… limiting malpractice damages and other regulations. But I certainly wouldn’t put the management of the health insurance in the likes of Hillary Clinton. Frankly, have enough issues with where my tax money gets spent… don’t need it paying for ‘health issues’ like nose jobs.

  9. 16

    CK -

    Saben artikel Associated Press ing http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5hFp8DsNC_gJwb9q72kNfDiZCioSwD8TM2SAO1, dhokter ing UCLA dikutip nyatakake "... pasien ing kahanan sing padha karo Nataline sing ngalami transplantasi duwe tingkat kaslametan nem wulan udakara 65 persen."

    Sing dakkerteni tegese dheweke bakal duwe kasempatan 65 persen kanggo slamet sajrone 6 wulan kapisan, lan ora, kaya sing wis sampeyan cathet, dheweke mesthi bakal mati sajrone 6 wulan. Dheweke ngalami penyakit terminal amarga gagal ati sing disebabake dening perawatan leukemia. Pengertian kula yen dheweke entuk 6 wulan, dheweke mesthi bisa entuk pirang-pirang taun maneh.

    Temenan saka pangerten sampeyan, sampeyan yakin manawa perawatan kesehatan sing bisa menehi bathi mung kasedhiya kanggo wong-wong sing mampu, lan kabeh wong pancen luwih becik mati. Aku setuju karo akeh poin lan saran sampeyan; Aku mikir arbitrase pihak katelu minangka ide sing apik, luwih-luwih yen cepet, nanging pemahaman sampeyan babagan "bisa uga nggawe dheweke mati, dheweke bakal tetep" katon kaya semangat. Iki menehi kesan yen sampeyan mung minat karo awake dhewe lan ora ana wong liya.

  10. 17

    Aku pengin kabeh wong urip lan duwe akses menyang asuransi kesehatan, nanging aku ora dadi papan pamrentah kanggo nyedhiyakake uga.

    Aku luwih seneng ndeleng pamrentah sing luwih sithik (yaiku, dikurangi IRS), ora luwih saka iku.

    How do you think our founding fathers did it? The answer is to make the burden on doctors less (ie law suits) and not to move that burden to every tax payer. Our government has proven itself inept and should not be trusted with our medical lifes as well. With them in charge, cases like this will become more common, not less common. Just look at the stats of heart failure and cancer survivor rates of those with cancer. Private medicine is much more effective.

    But as the to the case at hand, let me say it again.. if the prognosis was for potential to a long life after the transplant… then I’m all for it. But I read the statement you pointed out in the negative way.

    Pengin ngerti tulisan sing ditulis kanthi apik, mung artikel gaya ing babagan kasebut.

    This is not an easy subject and shouldn’t be one waged with emotional arguments. Just the facts m’am.

    • 18

      The Facts are simple, Cigna does not want to spend to cure sickness, the same Cigna Glendale did this to this Family, they fought back in every way they could, only to find out the Goverment Agencies let these people abuse the consumer, and nothing is done. It is covered up.

      Anggota Kongres saka Valencia, California Nulis

      Anggota Kongres nyerat: Ing serat tanggal 30 Mei 1996 menyang Dept of Corporations. Salinan surat sing diwenehake menyang Jo Joshua Godfrey.

      Uskup Komisaris,
      Aku nulis atas jeneng konstituen saya Josephine Joshua Godfrey sing ngalami kesulitan parah karo HMO sing dilisensi California, perawatan Kesehatan CIGNA.

      Mrs Godfrey calims CIGNA gagal diagnosa lan ngobati kanker paru-paru wiwit Maret 1993 nganti Agustus 1994. Katon taun luwih dhokter non Cigna gampang ngenali tumor Carcinoid ing paru-paru kiwa lan ujar marang Ibu Godfrey Tumor mesthine kudu didiagnosis ing wiwitan taun 1993. Sanajan mbantah bola-bali tinemu saka CIGNA, tumor kasebut pungkasane dicopot ing ST. Rumah Sakit Josephs ing Burbank California. Patologi pasca operasi nglaporake tumor "wis diwasa… diwasa kabeh.

      Nalika ditliti dening GIGNA, Bu Godfrey bola-bali njaluk dikontak spesialis perawatan medis. Amarga sawetara alasan sing ora bisa dingerteni GIGNA nolak konsultasi karo spesialis kanggo perawatan medis sing cocog. CIGNA uga nolak ngeculake cathetan medis Bu Godfrey supaya dokter liyane bisa mriksa riwayat medis lan perawatan urutane. Mung sawise puluhan panjalukan, data kasebut dirilis. Nanging, Bu Godfrey percaya yen bisa nglindhungi CIGNA saka pelanggaran dokumen sing diowahi kanthi jahat.

      Negara bagian California duwe tanggung jawab nglindhungi konsumen sing ndhaptar ing HMOS. Negara kasebut diwajibake mulang lan menehi informasi marang konsumen babagan HMOS. Kanthi luwih saka 12 yuta wong California ing HMOS ngajar lan menehi informasi marang konsumen babagan kualitas lan akses menyang perawatan kesehatan minangka usaha sing penting. Sayange, yen pengalaman Mrs Godfreys minangka indikasi kepiye kabutuhan medis konsumen dirawat dening HMOS, kita kudu mriksa maneh sistem perawatan sing dikelola. Kongres wis wiwit mriksa HMOS lan kualitas perawatan medis sing disedhiyakake. Akeh pasien sing yakin manawa HMOS nolak perawatan lan informasi marang pasien supaya bisa ngirangan biaya. "Aturan gag" sing jelas sing nglarang dokter nyaranake perawatan sing ora dikalahake dening HMO uga kuwatir.
      Konstituenku dudu siji-sijine wong sing kangelan nemoni HMO.
      (1) Ruth Macinnes saka San Diego tilar donya nalika dokter HMO gagal nyedhiyakake tes medis kanggo diagnosa lan ngobati penyakit jantung lan nanggapi kedadeyan kejut kardiogenik; (2) Will Spense saka Los Angeles gelut amarga nyawane kanker limfoma non-Hodgkins salah -diagnosa luwih saka setahun. Aku dikandhani, kaya wong-wong iki, ana ewonan wong liya sing mlebu ing negara kasebut kanthi crita sing padha.

      Aku hormat manawa kantor sampeyan mriksa klaim kasebut, lan neliti manawa HMOS Negara kasebut dadi moniter kanthi bener lan konsumen menehi informasi sing dibutuhake kanggo njamin perawatan medis sing berkualitas. Aku percaya Bu Godfrey wis dianiaya banget dening sistem sing kudu ngurus dheweke. Yen ana pelanggaran sing ditemokake, aku njaluk supaya tumindak dileksanakake marang instansi sing tanggung jawab nglanggar konsumen. Penyelidikan sing komprehensif bakal mbantu negara kasebut netepi kewajiban marang luwih saka 12 yuta konsumen HMO. Nyuwun nanggapi Diretor distrikku, Armando E. Araloza kanthi paling cepet.
      Departemen Corp Wangsulan
      Los Angeles, CA Reply »

      JO JOSHUA GODFREY Nuduhake bareng karo wong-wong ing Kalifornia lan negara iki:
      RE: File Ora Ana ALPHA
      Anggota Kongres,
      Aku nampa surat sampeyan tanggal 30 Mei 1996, sing ditampa tanggal 4 Juni 1996, babagan individu sing wis kasebut ing ndhuwur lan rencana layanan perawatan kesehatan, Cigna Healthcare California.
      Departemen Perusahaan (? Departemen?) Ngatur layanan perawatan kesehatan Cigna lan layanan kesehatan liyane miturut Undhang-undhang Rencana Layanan Perawatan Kesehatan Knox-Keene (Kode Kesehatan lan Keselamatan 1340 dkk.) Lan peraturan Komisioner (Bagian CCR 1300.40 lan liya-liyane .). Departemen njupuk saben panjalukan kanggo pitulung (? RFA?) Sing ditampa kanthi serius. RFA sing ditampa dening Departemen ditinjau ora mung babagan masalah individu, nanging uga kudu ngatasi masalah sistemik sing potensial. Tinjauan RFA minangka elemen penting saka upaya pangaturan umum Departemen.
      Departemen wis mriksa utawa mriksa kabeh RFA sing dikirim dening kulawarga Godfrey. Kasus Josephine Godfrey ditinjau karo Divisi Penegak Departemen. Tinjauan iki kalebu, nanging ora winates, liwat mriksa cathetan medis sing relevan, wawancara karo personel rencana, lan diskusi ekstensif karo kulawarga Godfrey. Minangka asil paninjauan iki, Divisi Penegakan nemtokake manawa Cigna wis cukup ngrampungake keluhan spesifik Bu Godfrey lan wis ngembangake strategi kanggo ngrampungake masalah kasebut.
      Babagan RFA Christopher Godfrey, Cigna setuju yen RN (Jeneng IndividuL Ditinggalake) kasedhiya kanggo Pak lan Ibu Godfrey kanggo nulungi dheweke ing koordinasi perawatan saiki lan ngrampungake masalah sing bisa ditemokake. Kaloro RFA kasebut saiki ditutup. Nanging, informasi kasebut lan kabeh RFA dilebokake ing peraturan sing ana ing Departemen Luar Negeri kanggo njamin kepatuhan rencana kesehatan karo Undhang-undhang Knox-Keene.
      Departemen nuduhake keprihatinan sampeyan babagan apa sing diarani? Gag? klausa ing kontrak panyedhiya. Departemen kasebut bubar mbutuhake rencana kanggo mbusak klausa ing kontrak panyedhiya sing menehi kewajiban supaya panyedhiya nggawe rencana kasebut kanthi "apik." Ing komunikasi anyar kanggo kabeh sing duwe lisensi, Departemen nyatakake:? Saben dokter kontrak lan profesional perawatan kesehatan liyane kudu bisa ngomong kanthi jujur ​​kanthi akurat babagan prekara-prekara sing bisa nyebabake kesehatan lan kekarepan pasien kanggo nuwuhake hubungan kepercayaan tradisional. kapercayan antarane pasien lan profesional perawatan kesehatan.?
      Ing pungkasan, aku pengin negesake maneh komitmen Departemen ing jutaan warga California sing wis mlebu ing rencana layanan perawatan kesehatan. Yen sampeyan duwe pitakon tambahan, aja ragu-ragu ngubungi Asisten Khusus (Jeneng Ditinggalake) Kanthi tulus,
      Komisioner Perusahaan

  11. 19

    Aku nulis crita iki marang Anggota Legislatif nalika umurku 14 taun, lan aku pengin nuduhake sampeyan karo sampeyan.

    Umurku 14 taun lan dadi korban penyalahgunaan medis. Aku nulis menyang Kongres lan Senat amarga sampeyan kudu mbantu para korban pelanggaran kesehatan. Aku lara, sirahku lara lan ibune nggawa aku menyang dokter. Aku asring nandhang getih ing irung lan lara sirah. Aku mikir iki diwiwiti ing pungkasan taun 1992 utawa wiwitan taun 1993. Dheweke ujar manawa aku ora apa-apa, lan aku kelingan salah sawijining dokter pancen ala karo ibu lan aku; dheweke malah ora pengin ngomong babagan iki. Dheweke ujar kabeh ana ing pikiranku, aku ora apa-apa. 1993 lan 1994 dudu taun sing apik ing uripku. Aku ora seneng. Ibuku mesthi lara, ing amben batuk, mesthi menyang CIGNA njaluk obat, mesthi kesel banget. Ibuku ora dadi ibune maneh; sirahku lara lan mati, lan aku kesel ora repot-repot ibuku amarga aku weruh lara banget. Dheweke mesthi nandhang sungkowo, tansah nangis, lan mesthi sedhih lan watuk. Aku bakal bengok-bengok dheweke supaya meneng ing wayah wengi lan dheweke njaga awake kabeh, saiki aku krasa ora enak.

    Ing wulan Februari 1994, aku nandhang sungkowo, sirahku lara, lan aku njupuk pil saka lemari obat, iki ora sepisanan aku nindakake iki, nanging ibuku lara dheweke malah ora ngerti. Saben njupuk liyane lan sedina ibuku teka kanggo nggugah aku lan ora bakal tangi, aku kesel banget. Ibukku ngomong ngono, ayo klambi; kita langsung lunga menyang CIGNA. Aku lunga mrana lan dokter CIGNA ndeleng aku. Dheweke ngeterake aku menyang papan kesehatan mental lan ora ana ing papan liya sing ngerti apa sing wis tak lakoni. Ibuku mlaku-mlaku lan dakcritakake apa sing dakkandhakake. Mengko dina iku dheweke kandha kepiye bisa urip yen aku mati. Ibuku nangis amarga kesel banget dheweke nyalahake awake dhewe amarga dheweke durung cukup. Aku janji karo ibuku ora bakal nindakake iki maneh. Ibuku nelpon CIGNA lan nesu amarga dheweke gagal ndeleng aku nyoba mateni awakku dhewe, takon dheweke dadi dokter apa. Ibuku njerit banget dheweke setuju menehi fisik lengkap. Ing fisik ing awal Maret, kita akeh ngeluh babagan sirahku, dheweke setuju nindakake scan sirahku. Iki kedadeyan udakara rong setengah wulan, siji pindai terus liyane, lan pungkasane dhokter ujar manawa aku kudu resdung sinus, yaiku ing pungkasan wulan Mei. Ibuku takon apa iki penting, apa kudu enggal-enggal dirampungake, dhokter mangsuli ora ndesek. Ibuku ujar manawa bakal rampung nalika preinan panas.

    Wiwit Mei nganti Agustus, ibuku lara banget. Dheweke marani dhokter lan dheweke cacat sadurunge 6 minggu. Ing tengah wulan Juli, aku ngimpi yen ibuku ngalami kanker paru-paru lan dheweke bakal seda. Ibuku nesu banget nalika dakcritakake iki. Ing wiwitan Agustus, ibuku ngirim aku menyang Irlandia suwene sewulan kanggo ngunjungi simbah. Nalika aku bali saka Irlandia ing pungkasan Agustus, omah kita rame-rame, suwene 2 minggu CIGNA nolak menehi ibuku kabeh-ray sing ngandhani yen dheweke wis ilang. Dheweke nembe entuk lan nuduhake yen kanker paru wis meh 2 taun. Ibuku operasi lan 20% paru-parine dicopot. Dheweke ngalami tumor carcinoid. Nalika ibuku ana ing rumah sakit, dokter bedah kasebut marang bapak tiri yen uga ora sehat. Pungkasane, CIGNA nolak ngeculake rekaman bapak tiri 2 minggu. Nalika dheweke menyang dokter njaba, CIGNA wis ngobati panandhang asma; dheweke pancen duwe kasus COPD sing canggih banget lan duwe paru-paru ing sisih kiwa kaya ibune.

    Kita banjur njupuk rekor kanggo kabeh kulawarga. Nalika ndeleng tambang, lan kita menyang dhokter ing njaba, sawise menyang dokter ing njaba, aku ngerti saiki apa bedane antara dokter asli lan dhokter CIGNA, lan muga-muga bisa uga aku mbesuk bisa menehi kabeh babagan . Aku duwe masalah ing balung iki rusak, ing endi balung meksa ngubengi orbit, lan dhokter ujar yen mripatku bakal disurung metu. Aku operasi ing Cedar-Sinai. 1995 pancen ora apik yen taun 1993 amarga kayane ora ana keadilan kanggo kabeh perkara sing ditindakake CIGNA kanggo kita. Kita pengin ngowahi hukum supaya ora ana wong sing bakal nandhang kasusahan kaya mangkene maneh. CIGNA nyiksa kulawarga kita nganti saiki. Dheweke nggawe ibukku nangis pirang-pirang jam lan muga-muga sampeyan uga menehi kabar babagan iki. CIGNA uga kudu ngerti yen wong tuaku seda, aku arep menyang endi, lan apa sing bakal kedadeyan karo sedulurku? Aku wong Amerika, lan yen wis gedhe, aku ora gelem urip ing kene. Aku pengin pindhah menyang papan sing apik lan apikan. Aku bakal pindhah menyang Irlandia.

    Saiki umurku 27 taun. Nanging, sedhih banget yen ana kulawarga sing kudu nandhang sangsara kaya mangkene, lan para penipu lan penipu iki uwal saka ukuman ing Negara Bagian California.

    Matur nuwun GLIGALE CIGNA

  12. 20

    Aturan Kesaksian Senat Atas Sidhang Pangrungu California ing dina Senin tanggal 12 Mei 1997 jam 2.03PM
    Aku teka kanggo nuduhake pengalaman karo sampeyan. Departemen Perusahaan gagal nindakake fungsi regulasi, lan pengalaman kulawarga saya nggambarake. Lan pengalaman pribadi dhewe karo Cigna Healthcare bakal nggambarake kepiye konsumen dilecehke, lan kepiye Departemen Perusahaan ora bisa ndeleng apa-apa.
    Pengalaman karo Cigna diwiwiti karo nyiksa wong tuwaku, lan sabanjure dheweke nyiksa kabeh anggota kulawarga. Nalika aku lara lan butuh dokter, dheweke bakal dikirimi janjian, lan aku bakal dadi asor amarga umume dokter sing ngirimi aku ora ngarep-arep aku. Asile Cigna ngirim surat kanggo aku yen aku bisa milih dokter dhewe lan dheweke bakal mbayar perawatan medis. Dheweke nindakake iki sepisan banjur ora mbayar perawatan medis, lan aku diancam dening lembaga pengumpulan yen aku bakal dituntut yen ora mbayar tagihan. Cigna uga ujar manawa aku bisa milih dhokter pilihan ing papan dununge Santa Barbara, lan iki durung nate kedadeyan. Cigna milih kula dostor ing Santa Barbara nanging nalika aku lara lan pengin janji lan aku nelpon dhokter dheweke ora nate telpon maneh. Nalika ngubungi kantor dokter, dheweke ujar yen dheweke ora bisa kerja bareng karo Cigna maneh, amarga Cigna ora bakal menehi rujukan nalika butuh spesialis.
    Taun kepungkur aku butuh perawatan khusus, lan sajrone prosedur kasebut, dhokter ujar manawa aku butuh Biopsi. Dheweke kudu mandheg ing tengah lan njaluk idin saka CIGNA kanggo terus. Dokter ujar manawa rong prosedur kasebut ana gandhengane lan dheweke ora nate ngarep-arep nindakake Obat-obatan sadurunge. Sawise prosedur iki, nalika aku ngeluh marang Departemen Perusahaan babagan Cigna iki, nolak tuduhan kasebut lan nanggapi manawa dhokter kasebut salah. Wiwit wektu kasebut, dhokter maju menyang Anggota Dewan ing Santa Barbara, dheweke ujar manawa dheweke nindakake Biopsi tanpa wewenang, lan akunku babagan kedadeyan kasebut bener. Dokter ujar manawa aku kudu ngetrapake saben 90 dina amarga iki sadurunge kanker. Cigna ujar manawa aku butuh perawatan khusus iki, aku kudu mriksa dhokter utama kanggo mesthekake yen aku butuh, lan dheweke banjur menehi Dokter perawatan utama ing Santa Maria, ora uga ing Kabupaten sing padha, lan luwih saka sak jam saka omahku.
    Aku mahasiswa sing menyang UC Santa Barbara, lan ora duwe transportasi. Iku dudu pilihan sing bisa ditindakake., Lan Departemen Perusahaan tinimbang nulungi aku, manawa wong ing Cigna sing tanggung jawab ngganggu aku lan ngalangi perawatan aku nelpon maneh

  13. 21

    Sawise pirang-pirang taun dadi United, perusahaanku wis ganti dadi CIGNA. Aku bubar kudu duwe MRI ing sisih mburi lan dikandhani DR.S SEcretary CIGNA pancen ala banget kanggo menehi wewenang apa-apa. Butuh 5 dina kanggo nyetujoni, nanging mung sawise dhokter kudu njaluk kanthi nyata. Aku uga dikandhani sanajan setuju prosedur, dheweke kadang nolak lan nolak ujar manawa ora sah karo spesifikasi, lan sampeyan banjur tetep tundhuk tagihan kasebut. telpon saka tonite CIGNA kanggo ngerti apa aku bakal kepengin nelpon "PURWEKANE" kanggo masalah paru-paru, jantung, punggung, utawa balung mbesuk tinimbang arep menyang PCP !! Aku ngandhani wong-wong mau, aku bakal ora kepenak "katon" liwat telpon lan matur nuwun banget. Dheweke nesu banget amarga aku ora mlumpat ing tawaran kasebut.

    Aku wedi banget karo masalah medis mbesuk sing kudu dakkarepake utamane yen aku duwe umur 7 taun, lan CIGNA kayane perusahaan sing ora peduli sawise maca komentar. Aku mung bisa ndedonga, kita kabeh tetep sehat, amarga CIGNA ora entuk dhuwit. sabar !!!! Iki wis jelas kanggo aku mung 1 minggu !!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 22

    aku kerja kanggo maskapai utama karo cigna minangka as in. aku bali kerja, kerja, mlebu jam. manajer gantungan iki ngandhani yen iki "TANPA INGKAS KERJA" !!
    i lost my ins ” long term disability” thru cigna. well, they – cigna sent me to this whore of a physical therapy that told cigna what they wanted to hear. so, im laying on my back with no help and in pain with no income. who has the answer and if any one wants a phonme number to call, because i people of passing the buck and i must have a draw of numbers to call, all of which didnt help but boy do they have phones numbers!!
    ing pungkasan, ngambung bokongku kanggo sing aplikasi, kanggo sing ora duwe, nuwun sewu amarga lara lan kelangan nyawa

  15. 23

    My mother has been passed away for 11 years and Cigna is the insurance she had when she was in the hospital for the Flu. After a short period of time she became worse while in the hospital but instead of getting better treatment we got a visit from a lady that worked for the hospital and told my mother and I that my had to go home because Cigna would not be paying for anymore of her stay. My mom was only 55years old when Cigna booted her out of the hospital. We did not know but Cigna which had to know due to medical records had to be sent to them for any type of payment to the hospital that my mother had bowel stuck in her intestine that is why she was bleeding from the rectum and couldn’t stand on her own when she was told Cigna said they would not pay for anymore treatment. My mom would go back within that week to the ER so sick that they couldn’t take her blood because she would of died right then so she was put in ICU and then is when we found out that she had bowel stuck in her intestine that she would need surgery but since it was not done sooner she was opened to being infected almost all her intestine from the bowel just sitting there because my mom did not know she had this but Cigna did when they tossed her out of the hospital. She was then put on life support and less than 7 days later 18 days before I would turn 21years old I had to sign for my mother to be taken off life support because there was no hope due to how fast the infection had spread while she was out of the hospital. Call it what you like but it is murder when money or the right insurance would have kept my mother alive but since she had CIGNA HMO they decided she was not worth paying for. Still 11years later I still wonder how many others died in their hands.

  16. 24

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