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Folks tend to forget phone numbers, logos, names and URLs… but they don't forget faces typically. It's why we recommend that all of our customers get their faces out there! More and more, our social presence, our blog posts and even our search results are beginning to show faces. A friendly face is a comforting gateway to get prospects in front of you and they should not be underestimated.

Trust me, I don't put my big ‘ol mug everywhere because I'm in love with myself. I do it so that folks continue to recognize me. So… drop everything and do the following:

  1. Temokake fotografer sing apik – don't leave your image to an iPhone camera or your laptop… a great photographer will set the lighting, and provide you with an image of depth that matches your personality. We love Paul D'Andrea's kerjo! Priksa keputusan babagan setting lan pemandangan!
  2. Mlebu kanggo a Gravatar akun – upload your image, add and confirm all of your email addresses. Gravatar is utilized by most of the commenting systems in addition to WordPress (who owns the platform) and it's respected universally. Now your face will display consistently whether you're in a comment or on a WordPress profile.
  3. Ndaftar kanggo Google+ - Yen sampeyan nambahake situs sing sampeyan kontribusi menyang profil Google+, gambar sampeyan bakal ditampilake uga ing asil telusuran yen tandha pangarang ana ing situs kasebut (umume platform blogging sing ngetrapake iki). Kadhangkala Google+ uga nampilake gambar tanpa markup!
  4. Rampungake profil WordPress sampeyan - plugin sing apik kaya Plugin Yoast's WordPress SEO nambah kolom kanggo nyelehake profil Google+, menehi markup sing dibutuhake kanggo ditampilake ing asil telusuran.
  5. Coba jaga gambar sampeyan konsisten karo profil jaringan sosial sampeyan. When someone begins to see your face on a blog comment, then in Facebook, and on Twitter, they're more likely to become a fan, follower or even a customer! I've literally had people walk up to me from Paris to San Francisco who recognized me by my photo… it's paid off in dividends!

As a professional in the space, I would recommend against cartoons (unless you're a cartoonist) or some other image. Unless they have a rare disorder known as prosopagnosia, manungsa ngerteni wajah sing luwih apik tinimbang ngelingi rincian liyane babagan bisnis utawa produk lan layanan sampeyan.

PS: Posting blog iki diilhami dening manajer proyek kita, Jenn Lisak, ngirim email sing apik kanggo klien sing nerangake padha!

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