7 Pitakon Kanggo Takon Agensi Sampeyan Sadurunge Mlebu

7 Pengambilan Kunci saka Webinar Taktik Penciptaan Konten

Kita seneng nggarap agensi liyane. Keahlian kita ing optimalisasi mesin telusuran lan strategi konten wis dadi sumber kanggo kabeh mitra agensi lan terus nambah bagean bisnis kasebut. Kita makarya kanthi akeh pangembangan, desain lan hubungan masarakat sing hebat lan sing padha karo kabeh yaiku ngupayakake asil bisnis.

Without business results, your agency simply doesn't matter. An optimized site that can't convert is useless. A beautiful site that can't be found is useless. Research, design and writing you pay heavily for that you can't repurpose is useless (beyond the initial publication).

We're continuously shocked at the number of clients that come to us that have spent virtually all of their budget but aren't realizing results. The expectation for us is to take whatever funds are left and try to get results with it. At times, we simply can't make it work.

That's why our business model is a bit unique in the industry. We charge flat fee engagements and then work to results. Most of our clients are spending the cost of a single employee, but have our team and all of our partners working to ensure measureable business results are attained.

Before you sign your next contract with an agency, we'd encourage you to ask the following questions:

  1. Apa klien liyane sing wis makarya ing industri sampeyan? You may think I'm asking about conflicts that could arise, but that's not the only reason. Our agensi continues to have incredible success with marketing technology related companies but we've fallen flat with some B2C product companies. For that reason, we focus on one segment and anyone who wants to work with us outside that segment is well-informed to ensure we can meet their expectations.
  2. Sapa sing duwe file sumber? Iki asring dadi masalah paling gedhe sing kita alami. Agensi kasebut bakal ngrancang apa wae sing sampeyan butuhake, nanging nduweni kepemilikan lan kontrol kabeh file sumber. Apa sampeyan pengin nggawe maneh karya kasebut? Sampeyan kudu takon agensi. Apa sampeyan pengin ninggalake agensi kasebut? Banjur sampeyan kudu miwiti maneh. Frustasi banget. Nyandera customer sampeyan dudu cara sampeyan ngembangake bisnis.
  3. What happens when it doesn't work? Every agency promotes the great work they do but they don't often speak to the failures. We've had our share as well. The question is what happens next. If you're working on a retainer, you may have to pay all over again with the current agency or a new one to try to get what you need. We work flat fee so that the pressure is on us to deliver. And in a worst-case scenario, our clients also know how we end our engagements before they ever sign (we do a full turnover of strategy, reporting, documentation, and assets).
  4. What's included, what's extra? I'm blown away by how many companies launch sites or strategies only to find out that the project isn't optimized for search or mobile. When challenged, the agency responds, “You didn't ask for that.” Huh? Are you serious? If your agency is looking out for your clients, you're going to insist on doing everything to maximize business results.
  5. Kepiye cara ngatur kepemilikan? It's okay if you have an agency buying domains, hosting, themes, or stock photography… but who owns them? There's nothing worse than an agency getting unresponsive and walking off with your domain (yes, it still happens). Be sure that you have an ironclad agreement in place that any ownership is yours. It's why we often get a credit card from our clients and buy services in their name. Having a group email address where you can add/remove your agency is a great way to manage those accounts where you'll never lose them.
  6. Piranti apa sing digunakake? Even though we've privately whitelabeled some platforms for our clients, we still are open and honest with them on the tools we're using. The advantage of being an agency is that we can purchase enterprise licenses on software that we use for several clients. Alone, our clients wouldn't be able to afford them but collectively we can provide them access. This not only provides our clients with an understanding of the value we're brining, it also let's them see for themselves the quality and reputation of the tools we're using.
  7. Kepiye maneh bisa mbantu sampeyan? Alright – I've been negative so far so let's get positive. You'd be amazed sometimes at the wide array of talent and projects under an agency's belt. It's our own fault, but sometimes we find out our existing client just hired another resource for work that we could have completed for them. There's nothing more frustrating! Make sure you're communicating with your agencies on the great work they're getting done and some of the other areas of focus they have expertise. Since you already have a relationship, adding on other services and projects is often much easier than starting fresh with a new resource.

Kadhangkala, kita nuduhake infographic lucu hubungan klien sing kasar that agencies get into. But the abuse can happen on both ends of any relationship and it's imperative that you don't get abused by your agency. Not only can your strategies suffer, but you could lose your budget as well.

I suppose this could all be summed up in one question. Is your agency working to ensure your business results or theirs? We believe when our clients benefit, so do we… so that's always our priority.

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